Software development on

On this page you can find my software devlopment for some projects. You might contribute to the development and ask for write access (<reiner[at]>).

Most of the software sourcecode here is licensed under GPL 2.0 (or higher, on your choise).
An exception of this is the original BIOS code of the TFX board, which might be licensed by Epson (if they still remember ever have build this).
You might distribute and modify the GPLed software following the license terms of the GPL.

The GPL can be found here.

Z80 Assembler projects

Linux projects (C/C++, Perl, PHP, JS, etc.)

You might download the code using subversion:

svn co<(CPC|TFX)> <any/local/path/on/your/disc/>
svn co<(gEDA|MySQLFS)> <any/local/path/on/your/disc/>

You can get more information regarding subversion here.

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